You know you need to exercise but you just don't have the time... Make some time :)


Body Movement Session

27 November 2021 at 6:00PM UK time

Programme a health and fitness routine that works for you and sweat out your stresses in this interactive body movement session led by Dr. Sara Gouveia.

  • Desig a fitness plan that fits your busy schedule

  • Body movement session included to get you to work out and sweat it out!

  • 1 hour CPD that also lets you relax!

You know you need to exercise...

... but life seems to have different plans for you... 

No time!

We have busy lives! We don't have as much time to exercise as we'd like. We need those hours to make our life work! Where can we fit exercise?...

No energy...

Again, we have busy lives... And they are draining. Even if there is time to exercise, there isn't much energy left to do so with all of the physical and mental exhaustion!

Not important...

We have so many things that are "more" important than fitness. But then we feel guilty for not doing something we know we "should". 

But when will you be "in the mood"?...

Well, this is the thing, if you're waiting for the day you "feel like" you want to exercise or create a fitness routine, you will never get around to do any of them. And self-care isn't selfish!


So make yourself do it just this one time.

And then do the same the next time!

Your Instructor - Dr. Sara Gouveia  MRCVS DVM CERT. LIFE AND HEALTH COACH

Sara graduated as a veterinary surgeon in Portugal and has a varied career as a practitioner in Portugal and the UK, in mixed and small animal practice. In her pursuit to improve her own well-being, she embarked on a journey to help fellow vets make the best of their entire lives and obtained certification as a health, life and relationship coach. She has a keen interest in mental and emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships and life fulfilment.


On top of working in clinical practice, Dr. Sara also works as a health coach, relationship coach and life coach in partnership with other colleagues.


She's ready to make you move!

The Sweat Out Stress - Body Movement Session

27 November 2021 at 6:00PM UK Time.

The theory

Creating a Fitness Routine

This section will focus on:

  • How to structure a fitness routine
  • How to tailor a fitness routine to your personal circumstances and life priorities

The workout!

Body Movement Session

This part of the session is a practical session: 

  • Guided physical exercises to make you sweat in a short amount of time (10-15 mins)

Bring your workout equipment!

This session is available for later review in our e-learning platform.

  • Lifetime access

    The session is recorded so you can review the exercises and the workout.

  • Ready to move!

    This session is designed to help you improve your physical health and mental wellbeing. 

  • CPD QR Code

    Provided at the end of the session with questions to lead your reflection.

  • Private portal

    Your account is automatically created and your login details emailed to you when you buy this session.

Body Movement Session

Sweat Out Stress

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