The History of Spay Academy Spain

About Us

Spay Academy Spain was set up by director and senior veterinary professional, Dr Luis Sainz-Pardo. With over 20 years’ experience of working within the veterinary industry, Luis is known for his valuable work with VetAbroad and Practice Aid.


In 2020, Dr Luis stepped down and Dr Andreia Dias has taken over Spay Academy Spain, VetAbroad and PracticeAid. Dr Andreia is a veterinary surgeon experienced in tuition of overseas veterinarians and small animal clinical practice.


The Rescue Centre

Spay Academy Spain works to support the Spanish rescue centre, Scooby. A privately owned refuge and registered charity, Scooby is the largest safe haven in Spain for a wide variety of animals. Its work, however, is heavily focused on the tragic situation of unwanted Galgos (Spanish greyhounds) and this is where Spay Academy is able to support with their neutering needs.


Based at the Scooby rescue centre in Medina del Campo, just North of Madrid, Spay Academy Spain runs multiple courses a year open to any qualified vets and final year University veterinary students.

Our Team


Andreia Dias

Andreia has had clinical experience in several countries and is passionate about teaching. When the opportunity to become involved with Spay Academy Spain appeared, she took it and now works to maintain Luis’ legacy of providing the best training experience in Europe.

Ready to Join Us?

Join us for 5 amazing days to develop your confidence in surgery, perform your own procedures, become independent in theatre and experience a truly outstanding learning environment.

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